2023 Relocation Trends

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What Our Movers Predict Will Be This Year’s Trends

The last several years have taught us that we should always be prepared for the unexpected. We may begin to piece together how relocation will function in 2023 as we take stock of our transition to a post-pandemic work structure and look ahead to a year of economic instability.

Here are three corporate relocation trends we expect to see this year.

  1. Global Relocations: We forecast that as pandemic-related limitations continue to be eased globally, more workers would look for overseas relocation possibilities. Before the majority of people in the world had even heard of COVID in 2019, a MetLife benefits poll revealed that 67% of American workers were considering going abroad for work, at least temporarily. U.S. workers now want to travel the world more than ever before due to shutdowns and working from home, therefore we anticipate this number has climbed.You should think about working with a worldwide moving company that can help your employees every step of the way, whether your company has remote workers who just need a change of scenery or has international offices that would be open to an exchange program. NOR-CAL has movers that are prepared to help with your employee relocation and international moving and storage needs.
  2. Recruiting Takes Precedence: Even though finding great personnel is still a key priority, we believe that this year, HR managers will place more emphasis on retention. Despite their concern over layoffs and a possible recession, workers are still applying for new positions. According to a recent Forbes article, a talent mobility program that fosters career growth or opens the door to new options within the organization can boost employee morale and engagement.Some employees may decline a promotion if it requires them to relocate to the corporate headquarters in a different state due to their reluctance to make the change. In order to address the hesitation head-on and make sure the employee feels valued and supported in their professional progress, offering a corporate moving benefit to manage all the costs and logistics of the transfer can help.
  3. Headquarters Will Make the Move to the Suburbs: The beginning of this trend has already been observed, but we anticipate that it will accelerate as organizations develop more long-term hybrid working models or make plans for a greater financial safety net. Numerous instances of this have previously occurred in Chicago, with Tyson Foods moving to Springdale, Arkansas, and United Airlines moving from the city center to the suburb of Arlington Heights.Moving headquarters closer to where employees live is a tremendous relief for those still commuting into the office, in addition to the tax advantages and reduced expenses of renting or buying space in the suburbs. Long commuters with hybrid schedules are beginning to hunt for jobs that can be done remotely or locally. Reduce staff turnover by moving your headquarters out of crowded cities or opening satellite offices in smaller areas.

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