2 Methods to Organize your Life Online and Offline


There are files scattered all over your desktop, buried deep within your C Drive and on a slew of USBs. I think it’s safe to say your digital life needs organization. In comes, Google Inc.’s, Google Drive to the rescue. It’s a digital filing cabinet for your personal documents, photos, videos and other digital content. Streamlining your online life into one storage area; accessible through multiple devices. The Bay Area movers, Nor-Cal Moving Services, think it’s a great device for any businessperson constantly on-the-go.

Features of Google Drive

Currently, Google Drive is only available for installation on Window-based computers Mac computers, laptops with Google Chrome’s operating system, as well as smartphones with Google’s Android software.  The first five gigabytes of storage are free. Additional storage is available, but at a small monthly price.

Organize your Offline Life with Bay Area Storage

Google Drive may help you organize your online life, but your offline life can be organized by the movers in the Bay Area. With over 500,000 square feet of storage, Nor-Cal Moving Services can provide you with a vault at your home. We can move the items you no longer want in your home into the vault. The Bay Area movers then transport the vault to our theft and fire protected warehouse for short- or long-term storage.

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