San Francisco Commercial Storage Services

Commercial Storage

NOR-CAL offers an advanced warehousing service with room for over 10,000 large storage vaults. Each vault, with a capacity of 260 cubic feet, is kept in NOR-CAL's commercial storage buildings, offering the benefits of security, economy and convenience.

With NOR-CAL Permanent Vault Storage, you can expect Guaranteed Security.The NOR-CAL permanent vault storage facility features:

  • Sophisticated fire sprinkling
  • Fire retardant systems
  • 100% monitored Predator burglar and fire alarm protection - with systems connected directly to central station

Economy:The secure storage and maintenance of valuable property can be accommodated at NOR-CAL's facilities for a fraction of the cost required to keep the same property on-site.

Convenience: Clients can retrieve a single item (as small as a desk lamp) or many items (complete rooms of office furniture) with delivery guaranteed the very next day.

You Manage: NOR-CAL's warehousing is 100% computerized. Every commercial item is barcoded into the company's proprietary computer system. Our Clients are empowered via live access and can manage their inventory with a simple web connection. All items can be viewed digitally and placed into a "shopping cart" for delivery as desired.

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